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Genomic and gene information
Genome assembly

The current genome assembly is Tcas5.2, the accession numbers for NCBI are:

Gene predictions from the iBeetle project
Links and resources
iBeetle Genome Browser
GBrowse and JBrowse Including RNA-seq data, intron hints and more.
NCBI genome Browser/Blast
i5k genome Browser
ENSEMBL genome Browser

iBeetle Blast

The iBeetle Blast uses the most recent predicted gene model for a blast against putative proteins.
Off target control for RNAi
Online tool Deqor to check for off target sites (iBeetle fragments were designed using this algorithm)
Other resources

The Tribolium Ontology about the morphological structures of Tribolium

on iBeetle Base and on NCBO BioPortal
The OBA-service is used to embed the Tribolium anatomical ontology (TrOn) into the search function of iBeetle-Base.
(Developed by Jürgen Dönitz and Edgar Wingender)
A database of insertional mutants and enhancer trap lines.
(Provided by the GEKU consortium)
A database of Tribolium gene expression
(Maintained by Martin Klingler)
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(Maintained by Gregor Bucher)