Genome assembly
GCF_000002335.3_Tcas5.2_genomic.fna.gzDownload the version being used by iBeetle-Base
GCA_000002335.3_Tcas5.2_genomic.fna.gzDirect link to the FASTA file from NCBI (GenBank version, submitted by the iBeetle project)
GCF_000002335.3_Tcas5.2_genomic.fna.gzDirect link to the FASTA file from NCBI (RefSeq version, includes the mitochondrium)
Gene predictions used by iBeetle project
OGS3.gff.gzGene prediction as GFF file
OGS3_mRNA.fasta.gzmRNA as FASTA file
OGS3_CDS.fasta.gzCoding sequences as FASTA file
OGS3_proteins.fasta.gzProtein sequences as FASTA file
Data generated by iBeetle project
iBB lethality tableLethality results from the iBeetle screen
iBB annotation listList of all annotations in the iBeetle screen
Genome browsers
JBrowse2iBeetle genome browser
NCBI genome browser
i5k genome browser
OrthoFinder_orthology.tsvOrthology prediction for Tcas and Dmel using OrthoFinder
Eggnog6_orthology.tsvOrthology prediction for Tcas and Dmel using Eggnog6
http://www.Tribolium.netLink to Tribolium labs and protocols. Maintained by Martin Klingler
Tribolium listserverPlease subscribe if you wish to remain informed (e.g. meetings, jobs etc). Maintained by Gregor Bucher
DeqorOff target control for RNAi. iBeetle fragments were designed using this algorithm
TrOn in BioPortalThe Tribolium Ontology about the morphological structures of Tribolium
GEKU BaseA database of insertional mutants and enhancer trap lines. (Provided by the GEKU consortium)
BeetleAtlasA database of Tribolium gene expression