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TrOn: Tribolium Ontology

One part of the iBeetle project is the creation of an anatomical ontology for Tribolium. The annotation of the ontology is an ongoing process. The current version can be browsed and downloaded below.

Ontology tree

The tree below displays the class hierarchy of the ontology. Next to the tree additional information for the selected term is displayed.

Tribolium Ontology
  • anatomical_entity
    • material_anatomical_entity
      • anatomical structure
        • multicellular_structure
          • organism
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Use the context menu to expand all children of a selected class.

ID: TrOn_0000026
Name: larva
Definition: "The developmental stage after hatching from the egg and before starting metatmorphosis to the pupa. The body of the larva is divided into the head, thorax and abdomen. The head is prognathous, bearing a pair of ocelli, a pair of antenna, a labrum, a pair mandibles, a pair of maxillae, and a labium bearing labial palps.\nThe three body segments (prothorax, mesothorax and metathorax) behind the head bear three pairs of legs. Behind the thorax are nine abdominal segments and all but the bear a pair of spiracular openings. The last segment has anal opening, the urogomphi and pygopodien.\nThere are various larval instars (7 or more) and after the last instar the larvae become pupae." [ISBN:0-19-857353-7]
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    Number of links of the selected node and all descending ones

    The printed number is the amount of iBeetle data sets, which are linked to the current node and the downstream ones. For the downstream search the class hierarchy as well as the part_of relation ship is used. The later one is not displayed in the tree on the left, so that not all involved nodes can be seen directly in the ontology tree. For the caluclation of the number the same nodes are taken into account as in the algorithm for the "Search for morphological defects" (without developmental stage or any other selections made)
    For example the descending nodes for adult_leg are:

    • adult_coxa
    • adult_cuticle_of_mesothoracic_leg
    • adult_femur
    • adult_leg
    • adult_mesothoracic_coxa
    • adult_mesothoracic_femur
    • adult_mesothoracic_tarsomere
    • adult_mesothoracic_tarsus
    • adult_metathoracic_femur
    • adult_metathoracic_leg
    • adult_metathoracic_pretarsus
    • adult_metathoracic_tarsus
    • adult_metathoracic_tibia
    • adult_pretarsus
    • adult_prothoracic_leg
    • adult_prothoracic_tarsomere
    • adult_prothoracic_tarsus
    • adult_tarsomere
    • adult_tarsus
    • adult_tibia

    The list of hyperlinks belong all to the selected node.

    7819 detail pages are linked to the selected node and descending ones. (following the is_a and part_of relations).

    List of datasets linked directly to the selected ontology class:
    No records found.
    The Tribolium Ontology is published in:

    Dönitz, J., Großmann, D., Schild, I., Schmitt-Engel, C., Bradler, S., Prpic, N.-M. and Bucher, G. (2013):
    TrOn: An anatomical ontology for the beetle Tribolium castaneum
    PLoS ONE 8(7): e70695. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0070695.


    OntoScope is a graphical ontology viewer developed at the Dept. of Bioinformatics of the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG). The link below will start OntoScope as Java Web Start application, with the ontologies of Tribolium and Drosophila loaded.

    OntoScope is still in the beta phase, more information is available at the homepage of the project.

    Launch OntoScope
    OBA server
    Within the iBeetle project the OBA service is used to access the ontology. The oba service with the Tribolium ontology can also be integrate the ontology in other projects. The address of a public oba server providing the Tribolium ontology is:
    The Tribolium ontology can also be downloaded in the OBO format: tribolium.obo