REST interface for the pipeline of iBeetle-Base (ibp)

The documentation for the single end points are each a JSON map. The key is always a string, the value a string or a list of strings. The following keys are provided by each REST endpoint:
A short human readable identificator
A short description of the endpoints, e.g. for tooltips
A description of the input for the endpoint
Input pattern
A regex of a valid input (machine readable). If the endpoint accepts a list of IDs, the pattern matches one item
A description of the possible response.
A definition how invalid input or input without any results are handled
A list of strings, each being and exmaple URL

Design pattern for all endpoints

  1. The enpoints take a single ID or a comma seperated list of IDs as input, e.g. http://.../${endpoint}/ID001,ID002
  2. The response of the endpoints is a map. The keys are the IDs from the input, the values are a single value or a list of values, depending on the endpoint.
  3. If an ID is valid but does not exists it is copied to the output with an empty result
  4. If the input contains an invalid ID (not matching the pattern) it will be ommitted.


Currently the following servies are provided. Each servies has an overvies description as HTML page (linked below) and each endpoint a definition in JSON.:
Maps IDs between FlyBase, Tribolium and iBeetle-Base
Letahlity values from iBeetle-Base for larval, pupal and embryonic lethaity
Some endoints for data from the Gene Ontology.