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TC015879 Gene

The sequence from the iB fragment is matched against the genes from the official gene set. The matche(s) is/are visualizied in a genome browser.

NC_007424.3: 442248..457425
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The information about the homolog genes in Drosophila is provided by OrthoDB The homologs are sorted according to their similarity score. For an orthology statement additional analysis are required.
The data basis for the orthologs is OrthoDB v9 containing OGS3 for Tribolium castaneum and 2015_04 (r6.07) for Drosophila melanogaster.

Closest fly homologs
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    iBeetle screen iB_05918

    Attention! iBeetle is a first pass screen. Hence, the documented phenotypes need to be confirmed by independent experiments using non-overlapping dsRNA fragments! Phenotypes with a penetrance > 50% are frequently reproduced. See Schmitt-Engel et al. 2015 for details on reproducibility.

    iB sequence
    Phenotype after pupal injection
    Usually 10 injected animals

    Pupal injection procedure

    Day 0: 10 female pupae of the pBA19 strain (muscle enhancer trap line) were injected with dsRNA.

    3 days post injection (dpi): Hatch control: Pupal and adult lethality as well as metamorphosis defects (molting, eclosion) were documented. For mating, 4 males of the black strain were added.

    9 dpi: First egg-lay was collected and incubated for cuticle analysis. Adult lethality and egg production (reduced/ no egg-lay) was documented.

    11 dpi: Second egg-lay was collected and incubated for embryonic muscle analysis. Adult lethality and egg production (reduced/ no egg-lay) were documented.

    Note: The adult morphology was not analyzed systematically at 3/9/11 dpi. Only obvious phenotypes, visible without magnification, have been annotated.

    13 dpi: Egg productivity and Ovary analysis
    The percentage of hatched larvae was documented and not hatched larvae/ eggs were embedded for cuticle analysis (15 dpi). In case of a reduction of egg production, 4 injected females were dissected to analyze the gross morphology of the ovaries.

    14 dpi: Analysis of embryonic musculature and early embryonic development
    Offspring of the injected females (hatched and not hatched larvae/ eggs) were analysed for embryonic lethality and muscle defects.

    15 dpi: Analysis of larval instar 1 cuticle
    Offspring of injected females were analysed and cuticle phenotypes were annotated.

    22 dpi: Stink gland analysis
    Documentation of defects in abdominal and thoracic stink glands (colour, size, content) of the injected femals.

    Terms used in the pupal injection procedure

    larval pantagmatic defects
    At least two tagmata (head, thorax, abdomen or terminus) show similar/ comparable defects.
    empty eggs
    Just empty shells are visible, no cuticle has been developed.
    strong defects
    L1 cuticle larvae which show severe defects. These strong defects are subdivided into three categories
    strongly fragmented (cuticle crumbs)
    No segments or appendages are identifiable, only residues of cuticle and bristles can be identified.
    cuticle remnants (with unidentifiable segments)
    Segments or parts of appendages are recognizable, but identity is not clear.
    cuticle remnants (with some identifiable segments)
    At least one segment or appendage is clearly regonizable.
    number of eggs on slide
    affected embryos usually (not always) do not hatch. Only the not hatched were used for cuticle analysis.
    For the embryonic muscle analysis the hatched as well as the not hatched were analysed.
    total number of affected eggs/embryos/larvae
    Summary of all different phenotypes/ phenotypic series which were annotated.
    The L1 larva shows a partial or complete inversion., e.g. bristles, appendages or parts of the abdominal segments are inverted into the interior of the cuticle.
    Dissected females show a strong resorption of fatbody predominately in the abdomen and the oogenesis is blocked. These are considered as eventually lethal phenotypes and the blocked oogenesis probably a secondary defect due to starvation.
    eclosion not fulfilled
    The emergence of the adult from the pupa stage is interrupted. This phenotype shows pupal as well as adult features.
    Please see the help page for more information
    Metamorphosis and survival

    Lethality 11 days after pupal injection: 30.0% (includes death as pupa, adult)

    eclosion not fulfilled (with pupal and adult features) - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 1 (3 dpi)
    Days post injection

    adult lethality - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 2 (9 dpi)
    Days post injection

    Analysis of larval stage 1 cuticle
    number of eggs/embryos/larvae on slide: < 20
    Phenotype after larval injection
    Usually 10 injected animals

    Larval injection procedure

    Day 0: 10 female L5-6 larvae of the D17Xhom strain (females express RFP in the eyes and in the CNS; pupae express GFP in the thorax) were injected with dsRNA.

    11 days post injection (dpi): Pupal morphology Documentation of larval/ pupal death and defects of metamorphosis (eclosion, delayed development). Screening for alterations of pupal head and appendages, pupal thorax, pupal thoracic musculature, pupal legs, pupal wings, pupal abdomen and pupal genital lobes.

    16 dpi: Adult morphology Documentation of larval/ pupal and adult death and defects of metamorphosis (eclosion, delayed development). Screening for alterations of adult head and appendages, adult thorax, adult elytra and hindwings, adult legs and cuticle properties. For mating 4 males of the black strain were added.

    19 dpi: Sieving and egg-lay Documentation of adult lethality and enduring metamorphosis defects.

    22 dpi: Ovary analysis (Fertility) In case of a reduction of egg production 4 females were dissected and the gross morphology of the ovaries were analysed.

    41 dpi: Fertility and stink gland analysis Documentation of defects in abdominal and thoracic stink glands development (colour, size, content) of the injected females. Check for fertility of injected larvae (no or decreased offspring).

    Terms used in the larval injection procedure

    pupal/ adult pantagmatic defects
    At least two tagmata (head, thorax, abdomen or terminus) show similar/ comparable defects.
    pupal molt not fulfilled
    The hatching from the larva to the pupa is interrupted. Either it dies as prepupa or the phenotype shows larval as well as pupal features.
    eclosion not fulfilled
    The emergence of the adult from the pupa stage is interrupted. This phenotype shows pupal as well as adult features.
    Dissected females show a strong resorption of fatbody predominately in the abdomen and the oogenesis is blocked. These are considered as eventually lethal phenotypes and the blocked oogenesis probably a secondary defect due to starvation.
    Metamorphosis and survival

    Lethalities 11 days after larval injection: % (includes death as larva, prepupa, pupa)
    Lethalities 22 days after larval injection: % (includes death as larva, prepupa, pupa, adult)

    RNAi sequence
    Left: Right:
    Protein sequence
    • >TC015879 RA
    CDS sequence
    • >TC015879 RA
      atgtcgctg tttaaaata cgaacattt tggagtgtt 
      cattgtgag gaggattca tcctatgac caaaatagc 
      ttactagta acgaaactt aatcacgag tctgatttt 
      ttaatagtg ggaagtcat agtggaatt ttgaaagtt 
      tttaaaccc tcaagtgat aattttaaa gaatataca 
      ccggctgat ttactgatt gagacgatt ttaaaagaa 
      ccaattctc caattaagt tgtggtcga tttttatcc 
      ggttcgagc aaagtccag ttagcagtc ttacaaccc 
      aaatcacta aacgtttac gacctaatt gtaaaagaa 
      ggagcaaca gagcatggc gttcaaaat attctggag 
      caactatac gttcataaa ttgcaaaag ctagcgttt 
      aatttctgt gtaggtcct tttggagga gtagaaaac 
      cgtgatttt atttgcgtg caatcgttg gacggtttg 
      ttgactttt tttgaacaa gaaagtttt gcgttttgc 
      tgttttttg ccagatgtt ttgctacca ggtccgtta 
      acttttgtt aaatcgtct gatagtttc gttacatcg 
      aactcgaat tggcacata atcagcttt agatataaa 
      ttgttgtcg gaagccggc caaaattca acagaaggc 
      ggaaacgtg agcaaattc tcaagtgat tggtcattt 
      aatcttggg gaaggaata ataaaccta gatgtggtc 
      caagatact acatccaga ataaccttc attatggta 
      ttgggtgaa agaagcatt ttctgttta agtgacatt 
      ggaaaactt aaatacatg aaacgcctt gaattttca 
      ccactcaat tttatcaac tactttctc aatgacagg 
      attatgtcg cttgtagtt tccgaaaca aataatttg 
      ctgatttat cagaacacg tctttgaaa tggtgctcc 
      cagttgcat gtttctcca atttctttt aatcgtggg 
      tttgtttgc aatacgaac ggtgtcttg gtgttacta 
      caagaggac ggaactctt tcttgttcc tatttaggg 
      actgaaccc agtttgttt gtggcacct cctttggct 
      cttcaagat ttggatttc gaaaaagct ggtcaagaa 
      ttgactaaa ctgcacaaa atcgttaaa aatacatat 
      tccaatgat ataaaagtg accaacgcc tcaactgaa 
      cgcgaacta gtcctaaat gtttcagtg agtccaaat 
      ttagaagaa aacacactt cacaaggca ataaacaat 
      aaaatttgc ccaatttca atagatatc atgcctcat 
      acgttattt gaagaagtg caagtaaca gttgtcgtt 
      gactatcct ttgaaagtt tctccccaa actgagttt 
      tttcataat ttatctgag aaaacgacg atgacttgc 
      tgtgttttt atggagaaa cctgaagag gtctccagt 
      ttgaatgtg caagttgtg gcttcgttt atatcaaat 
      ttaggagtt cctaggagt gtgatgaag tgtgcgatg 
      ttgcctttg aatttagta ctagagaca tgtgcacct 
      tgtaaagaa agcgagtgc aaagtgact ttaaatatt 
      aatcaaagt ccggtgggt ttatctgcg ctttttcca 
      gaatacata ctttcttcg aacaacaac gcaattgcg 
      tttaaaaac acagcaaca gatggaaaa gttgttaca 
      gttttgtta gcaaaatcg tctgaaagg tacagactt 
      caatcagac tcattcgca tcacttaat ctcttggtg 
      gaagaaatg gtgattcgg ctaaaaaaa cactattcc 
      aatgtcgat ggtttttct atcacttct aattctttc 
      ccaccagtt aatacgata gttgattgc attaaaaca 
      catttttat gcgcaacag aaatttgtt tcgttacag 
      aaccagatt acacaactt ggtgcccaa ttaagatta 
      atccagaag cgactaatt gcaaagttt aaaatcaaa 
      aatccaact tctttggcc aatttggag ctacttctt 
      ggagacact tattcggaa attatgaaa ctcaccgaa 
      gaatttgat gaagaaaaa aataattta gtgaagagt 
      agaaataaa ttgtcgtcg gttttgcaa cttttaatt 
      aatatcacg aaattaatg gatgttaat aataaagcg 
      agacagttg attgagtct gcttttaac cccgttatc 
      tacgatctt gatggacaa agttgggaa gacataact 
      gacgcatct ttttcctat ttattgcgc actgttttg 
      gcaaaatct gagaaagat aaattacga cctgctcaa 
      accaacttc gaggaagtc aaggatgtg tcaaaaatc 
      gaaaaacat ctaactcta atacttgag agaattcca 
      aaaggaatg ttacaggaa tctcctagt ttacttgat 
      gaagctgaa caagaaaat gtggacact gaagacaac 
      aatgtgacg gaaagtttg ccgattggg tccaaaatt 
      ggagaatcc agttctcaa ctgctttta tcgaggaga 
      ggtcttacg aaaaagtcg tag
    mRNA sequence
    • >TC015879 RA
      gtaacgaag tcggtccat gttttgatt tccgtgcga 
      tgggcatca taccatttt cttgccgct cccacaaga 
      tggttcctg gctgtctcc aagcaacat tcgtttgac 
      cacgaatgg atttctgcc aagaacttt ctgatcgct 
      ttgtataat aacactgga ggaaagcct tttccctta 
      ttccggagg agaatagag ttttttcta tgttagaat 
      acaaacacc tattataca acagggtga tcttataac 
      accttgtat tattccaat ctgatttgt tgggagaaa 
      aatcgttta tttcaaatg tttgaaact ctaccttcc 
      ctctgagct tttttttcg ttttttttt tgtagaatt 
      ctttaaaat atctattta ggataccgc acattgatc 
      gccttgtgg cataagact attgtcgtt gcatggtaa 
      agatctaag tatttctaa tatagttct aatctatgg 
      tttagacag aacaacttg tataaagta acgtgaccg 
      tacaaaaaa atttatcaa tttatttat tgttttttt 
      aaattattt acgaaactt atttatgtt ttttccaag 
      ttatcaact tcgtttctt ttttatttc aaactttat 
      tttgtacag ttgcgttat tttataaac tagcgagtt 
      aaagtatga ggagacaaa acttagcta tttaaggta 
      aatctttta ctccctcta gcgattgaa tttgaactg 
      ctccttgtg catgtcacg gcactcaac agcttctta 
      attaatttt agttaaaaa tataaaaat tataataag 
      atagctgtt gcattaaat tttatttat ttgtgtata 
      tcagttgta gattttaac tagtcatta caagaaata 
      tggttaaca gtaataaaa ttgttatta attttgttt 
      ttttttgtg ttcagagtt ttgtattta tgtaggact 
      attgtaacc aaagtattt aaataattc tcttccaag 
      gaataaatg aatatattt taaagcatt tgtatttat 
      tgattttcc ttgtttaca ttcaccgta atcaatata 
      tttctaacc gctagttcc tataaaaca gtgagtgaa 
      catgtcgct gtttaaaat acgaacatt ttggagtgt 
      tcattgtga ggaggattc atcctatga ccaaaatag 
      cttactagt aacgaaact taatcacga gtctgattt 
      tttaatagt gggaagtca tagtggaat tttgaaagt 
      ttttaaacc ctcaagtga taattttaa agaatatac 
      accggctga tttactgat tgagacgat tttaaaaga 
      accaattct ccaattaag ttgtggtcg atttttatc 
      cggttcgag caaagtcca gttagcagt cttacaacc 
      caaatcact aaacgttta cgacctaat tgtaaaaga 
      aggagcaac agagcatgg cgttcaaaa tattctgga 
      gcaactata cgttcataa attgcaaaa gctagcgtt 
      taatttctg tgtaggtcc ttttggagg agtagaaaa 
      ccgtgattt tatttgcgt gcaatcgtt ggacggttt 
      gttgacttt ttttgaaca agaaagttt tgcgttttg 
      ctgtttttt gccagatgt tttgctacc aggtccgtt 
      aacttttgt taaatcgtc tgatagttt cgttacatc 
      gaactcgaa ttggcacat aatcagctt tagatataa 
      attgttgtc ggaagccgg ccaaaattc aacagaagg 
      cggaaacgt gagcaaatt ctcaagtga ttggtcatt 
      taatcttgg ggaaggaat aataaacct agatgtggt 
      ccaagatac tacatccag aataacctt cattatggt 
      attgggtga aagaagcat tttctgttt aagtgacat 
      tggaaaact taaatacat gaaacgcct tgaattttc 
      accactcaa ttttatcaa ctactttct caatgacag 
      gattatgtc gcttgtagt ttccgaaac aaataattt 
      gctgattta tcagaacac gtctttgaa atggtgctc 
      ccagttgca tgtttctcc aatttcttt taatcgtgg 
      gtttgtttg caatacgaa cggtgtctt ggtgttact 
      acaagagga cggaactct ttcttgttc ctatttagg 
      gactgaacc cagtttgtt tgtggcacc tcctttggc 
      tcttcaaga tttggattt cgaaaaagc tggtcaaga 
      attgactaa actgcacaa aatcgttaa aaatacata 
      ttccaatga tataaaagt gaccaacgc ctcaactga 
      acgcgaact agtcctaaa tgtttcagt gagtccaaa 
      tttagaaga aaacacact tcacaaggc aataaacaa 
      taaaatttg cccaatttc aatagatat catgcctca 
      tacgttatt tgaagaagt gcaagtaac agttgtcgt 
      tgactatcc tttgaaagt ttctcccca aactgagtt 
      ttttcataa tttatctga gaaaacgac gatgacttg 
      ctgtgtttt tatggagaa acctgaaga ggtctccag 
      tttgaatgt gcaagttgt ggcttcgtt tatatcaaa 
      tttaggagt tcctaggag tgtgatgaa gtgtgcgat 
      gttgccttt gaatttagt actagagac atgtgcacc 
      ttgtaaaga aagcgagtg caaagtgac tttaaatat 
      taatcaaag tccggtggg tttatctgc gctttttcc 
      agaatacat actttcttc gaacaacaa cgcaattgc 
      gtttaaaaa cacagcaac agatggaaa agttgttac 
      agttttgtt agcaaaatc gtctgaaag gtacagact 
      tcaatcaga ctcattcgc atcacttaa tctcttggt 
      ggaagaaat ggtgattcg gctaaaaaa acactattc 
      caatgtcga tggtttttc tatcacttc taattcttt 
      cccaccagt taatacgat agttgattg cattaaaac 
      acattttta tgcgcaaca gaaatttgt ttcgttaca 
      gaaccagat tacacaact tggtgccca attaagatt 
      aatccagaa gcgactaat tgcaaagtt taaaatcaa 
      aaatccaac ttctttggc caatttgga gctacttct 
      tggagacac ttattcgga aattatgaa actcaccga 
      agaatttga tgaagaaaa aaataattt agtgaagag 
      tagaaataa attgtcgtc ggttttgca acttttaat 
      taatatcac gaaattaat ggatgttaa taataaagc 
      gagacagtt gattgagtc tgcttttaa ccccgttat 
      ctacgatct tgatggaca aagttggga agacataac 
      tgacgcatc tttttccta tttattgcg cactgtttt 
      ggcaaaatc tgagaaaga taaattacg acctgctca 
      aaccaactt cgaggaagt caaggatgt gtcaaaaat 
      cgaaaaaca tctaactct aatacttga gagaattcc 
      aaaaggaat gttacagga atctcctag tttacttga 
      tgaagctga acaagaaaa tgtggacac tgaagacaa 
      caatgtgac ggaaagttt gccgattgg gtccaaaat 
      tggagaatc cagttctca actgctttt atcgaggag 
      aggtcttac gaaaaagtc gtagtgtat accttcagg 
      tgtaaaatt tctctcgga cgtacccac tattgttaa 
      ataaacttt cagtttttt gattgtata gcatagtct 
      cactttcta atgtacgtg taaacagtg ccatttcaa 
      tttatgaaa taagtgtat tgtaagtag gtagcttga 
      agtagaaac ttgtatacg ttgtacaag gaatggaaa 
      gagttaaca attgttttg ctcaaaatt agcagagaa 
      ttttaggca acggataaa gttttagtt taattttaa 
      ttcgtagtt cgtatccta ctgttaaga tgtgaaaga 
      aaacattat acattacag gacagtttt ttacgtata 
      atttaatgg tatttagag ttaggtata tgttttcag 
      tgaactaca gattgttaa agttaaaaa acaaatttt 
      atcgttata cttactttt tgaataaag agaatttac 

    If you use iBeetle-Base, please cite: Dönitz J et al.: Expanded and updated data and a query pipeline for iBeetle-Base,
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Jan 4;46(D1):D831-D835. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx984.

    The data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (CC-BY) CC-BY