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TC008856 Gene

The sequence from the iB fragment is matched against the genes from the official gene set. The matche(s) is/are visualizied in a genome browser.

NC_007422.5: 10851917..10904517
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The information about the homolog genes in Drosophila is provided by OrthoDB The homologs are sorted according to their similarity score. For an orthology statement additional analysis are required.
The data basis for the orthologs is OrthoDB v9 containing OGS3 for Tribolium castaneum and 2015_04 (r6.07) for Drosophila melanogaster.

Closest fly homologs
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    iBeetle screen iB_04553

    Attention! iBeetle is a first pass screen. Hence, the documented phenotypes need to be confirmed by independent experiments using non-overlapping dsRNA fragments! Phenotypes with a penetrance > 50% are frequently reproduced. See Schmitt-Engel et al. 2015 for details on reproducibility.

    iB sequence
    Phenotype after pupal injection
    Usually 10 injected animals

    Pupal injection procedure

    Day 0: 10 female pupae of the pBA19 strain (muscle enhancer trap line) were injected with dsRNA.

    3 days post injection (dpi): Hatch control: Pupal and adult lethality as well as metamorphosis defects (molting, eclosion) were documented. For mating, 4 males of the black strain were added.

    9 dpi: First egg-lay was collected and incubated for cuticle analysis. Adult lethality and egg production (reduced/ no egg-lay) was documented.

    11 dpi: Second egg-lay was collected and incubated for embryonic muscle analysis. Adult lethality and egg production (reduced/ no egg-lay) were documented.

    Note: The adult morphology was not analyzed systematically at 3/9/11 dpi. Only obvious phenotypes, visible without magnification, have been annotated.

    13 dpi: Egg productivity and Ovary analysis
    The percentage of hatched larvae was documented and not hatched larvae/ eggs were embedded for cuticle analysis (15 dpi). In case of a reduction of egg production, 4 injected females were dissected to analyze the gross morphology of the ovaries.

    14 dpi: Analysis of embryonic musculature and early embryonic development
    Offspring of the injected females (hatched and not hatched larvae/ eggs) were analysed for embryonic lethality and muscle defects.

    15 dpi: Analysis of larval instar 1 cuticle
    Offspring of injected females were analysed and cuticle phenotypes were annotated.

    22 dpi: Stink gland analysis
    Documentation of defects in abdominal and thoracic stink glands (colour, size, content) of the injected femals.

    Terms used in the pupal injection procedure

    larval pantagmatic defects
    At least two tagmata (head, thorax, abdomen or terminus) show similar/ comparable defects.
    empty eggs
    Just empty shells are visible, no cuticle has been developed.
    strong defects
    L1 cuticle larvae which show severe defects. These strong defects are subdivided into three categories
    strongly fragmented (cuticle crumbs)
    No segments or appendages are identifiable, only residues of cuticle and bristles can be identified.
    cuticle remnants (with unidentifiable segments)
    Segments or parts of appendages are recognizable, but identity is not clear.
    cuticle remnants (with some identifiable segments)
    At least one segment or appendage is clearly regonizable.
    number of eggs on slide
    affected embryos usually (not always) do not hatch. Only the not hatched were used for cuticle analysis.
    For the embryonic muscle analysis the hatched as well as the not hatched were analysed.
    total number of affected eggs/embryos/larvae
    Summary of all different phenotypes/ phenotypic series which were annotated.
    The L1 larva shows a partial or complete inversion., e.g. bristles, appendages or parts of the abdominal segments are inverted into the interior of the cuticle.
    Dissected females show a strong resorption of fatbody predominately in the abdomen and the oogenesis is blocked. These are considered as eventually lethal phenotypes and the blocked oogenesis probably a secondary defect due to starvation.
    eclosion not fulfilled
    The emergence of the adult from the pupa stage is interrupted. This phenotype shows pupal as well as adult features.
    Please see the help page for more information
    Metamorphosis and survival

    Lethality 11 days after pupal injection: 20.0% (includes death as pupa, adult)

    eclosion not fulfilled (with pupal and adult features) - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 1 (3 dpi)
    Days post injection

    adult lethality - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 1 (9 dpi)
    Days post injection

    Analysis of larval stage 1 cuticle
    number of eggs/embryos/larvae on slide: < 50
    Phenotype after larval injection
    Usually 10 injected animals

    Larval injection procedure

    Day 0: 10 female L5-6 larvae of the D17Xhom strain (females express RFP in the eyes and in the CNS; pupae express GFP in the thorax) were injected with dsRNA.

    11 days post injection (dpi): Pupal morphology Documentation of larval/ pupal death and defects of metamorphosis (eclosion, delayed development). Screening for alterations of pupal head and appendages, pupal thorax, pupal thoracic musculature, pupal legs, pupal wings, pupal abdomen and pupal genital lobes.

    16 dpi: Adult morphology Documentation of larval/ pupal and adult death and defects of metamorphosis (eclosion, delayed development). Screening for alterations of adult head and appendages, adult thorax, adult elytra and hindwings, adult legs and cuticle properties. For mating 4 males of the black strain were added.

    19 dpi: Sieving and egg-lay Documentation of adult lethality and enduring metamorphosis defects.

    22 dpi: Ovary analysis (Fertility) In case of a reduction of egg production 4 females were dissected and the gross morphology of the ovaries were analysed.

    41 dpi: Fertility and stink gland analysis Documentation of defects in abdominal and thoracic stink glands development (colour, size, content) of the injected females. Check for fertility of injected larvae (no or decreased offspring).

    Terms used in the larval injection procedure

    pupal/ adult pantagmatic defects
    At least two tagmata (head, thorax, abdomen or terminus) show similar/ comparable defects.
    pupal molt not fulfilled
    The hatching from the larva to the pupa is interrupted. Either it dies as prepupa or the phenotype shows larval as well as pupal features.
    eclosion not fulfilled
    The emergence of the adult from the pupa stage is interrupted. This phenotype shows pupal as well as adult features.
    Dissected females show a strong resorption of fatbody predominately in the abdomen and the oogenesis is blocked. These are considered as eventually lethal phenotypes and the blocked oogenesis probably a secondary defect due to starvation.
    Metamorphosis and survival

    Lethalities 11 days after larval injection: 20.0% (includes death as larva, prepupa, pupa)
    Lethalities 22 days after larval injection: 20.0% (includes death as larva, prepupa, pupa, adult)

    larva lethality - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 2 (11 dpi)
    Days post injection

    RNAi sequence
    Left: Right:
    Protein sequence
    • >TC008856 RA
    CDS sequence
    • >TC008856 RA
      atgaagtcg tcttttatc acccatttg aagagcgga 
      aaatcgatc ggtcacacc gatgtgcgt tctatgttc 
      gaagtaaag aagtgttca agaaatgtt gagaaaaag 
      ttcatcgtt gttcaaact ggcggtgat ggagagagc 
      tctataacg gaggggctg agaaccgcc ctcgcccga 
      ctgcgacag agatcaact ccccctggt agccagacg 
      tccccattg caccaacct tctaattgc atagcctcc 
      gagagctgc tcctcaggc agcacgaac aacagccac 
      tgcccttct agcccgcgc cctaaaatg accgtcaat 
      tcgcagtcg ggccccaga tctccccga cctcccgac 
      gacctcatt agcactgcc acctctgcc ctccgacgc 
      cttcacttc aaaaccgga agaaacgcc accaaaaac 
      tccaccaag cagcctgtc ccaaaggtg atagtcatg 
      ggctcaagt actgcttcc gaaaccacc atcaatacc 
      agcacagac agctctaat accatcgta acaacagta 
      acagcaact gacggggac gtgacggag gacagctta 
      gaccatcct gaagcggtt gattatttc aattcagaa 
      aacgcagat ggcaacaaa atcctccaa ccagttcca 
      ctatcaccc aaaacacca atcaccgca aaacaacaa 
      acacctcca actgctaaa caggaaacc cgattcaat 
      ttcgatgtt gaaacaccc aaagctgtt ctatcaaaa 
      gaagagaac aagttcgtg ttcgaatcg caagaaccc 
      agcaaccct caggagaaa actgtcgag aaactgatg 
      gaagagcag attgaggct ctgaaaatg gaagcccgt 
      cgcagaaac agctacaaa caagcggcg caaaacgac 
      tttgaaaaa atgtcagtg gacccgccc gcagaaaag 
      ccccacccg aaggacttc agaaggagc taccgcgcg 
      gctcaaaac gacatggag aagatgatg gtggacaag 
      acgagtccg aaggagcac aggcgaagt gtgcggaaa 
      cggctggac gtggagggc aaagagaag cccgagagg 
      acctccccg aagcggcgc gccgagcgg accttgaac 
      tcctcgccg gagaccaac gacgactcc cccaagccc 
      aaacaccgg cacaaaaag gccagcaga cgccaccac 
      tcgcccaac aagccgcga gagaagttc agctacgac 
      gagaagcac attgccaag tatcgggaa aaggctcgg 
      atgaccccg cctttgcca gacctccgc gtagacttc 
      ttcaacgaa acggtggat gcttgccaa gtggattcg 
      ttgcatgtt tccggcgaa aagcgcggc agcgtgtgt 
      ctcaacaaa tgtttacga gaagtgggg gctcagcta 
      gaagcatct gccacatca cctataaat gttactact 
      aatcctttg gaaaattca gtacacttt ggtggccga 
      aaagctccg caagccact atcgtcgtt cagcagccg 
      tcactcagc ttggatcac tcgaatgtc tcgacgatc 
      ctgctgaag aacggaagt gaattcgtg tcgaacgta 
      gaaagtgtc gggaataag ttgagtttc aagagacag 
      aaggaagaa aacatgaag cagctactg gacgtggct 
      aacaattta acgctagaa gaaatccac gattttgag 
      atgaggtac gggagccct caccacaat cgatctcaa 
      tctgtaaag actccaggc cggtcttct ggtagaccg 
      aattatctc tgtttgcca cagcaaagg tctcgagtg 
      gcgtcgatg cccaacacg ggcgttgaa gaggagtat 
      tatcgccta cgacacttc tcgatcact ggaaaaggc 
      gtcgtcaat aggggcgac agtctgaaa agccgcaga 
      tctaggtcc aacaattcg gtcgcttcc agcaattcg 
      agcacagag cagcttccg ggggcggtg tcgacggcg 
      ggatcggca cgtacgtcc gcttcctgc agcctggcg 
      tcctcgcgg gagtcgtcc accagcgcc cccggcccc 
      accccgtac aaggtcctg atgctgggg ggcccagcc 
      gtgggcaaa tcctcccta gtctcccag tttatgact 
      tccgagtac ctccacgct tatgacact agcatagat 
      gacgaaagc ggggagaaa tccgtgtcc gttctgttg 
      gccggcgag gaatccgaa cttactttt atagatttt 
      gcgacagct gacttatcg ccggacagt tgtataaac 
      aaatacacg gatcctcac gcatattgt gtcgtctat 
      tcgagtgcc gaccggtcg agtcttgcg tgtgccgaa 
      aaaatcctg cagaccctg tggacgctg gacaccatc 
      agcacaaaa gccgtcatt ctcgtcgcg aataaagct 
      gatcttgtc aggtcgaaa gtcgtctcg actgaagag 
      ggaaaatcg atggcaaca gcttacgat tgcaagtac 
      atagagaca tctgtaggc atcaatcac aacgtagac 
      gaactgctg gtaggaatc ctcactcaa atccggtta 
      aaattggag aatccggag agatcaagg gatctgttc 
      cgtaagagg agctcgtcg aagaagaat ttgaatagg 
      aatagatcg ccggtttcc gccacggga acgccgacg 
      ggaagtgcc gccaattcg ccgaagaag tacagaggc 
      tctcgcacc tctgcgagc ttaaaagtc cggaatttg 
      ttagggaaa gtttgggcg agggacagc aaatccaaa 
      tcttgtgaa aatttgcac gtcttgtaa
    mRNA sequence
    • >TC008856 RA
      attgtttat ttaattgag atgcgagaa taattaatt 
      tgattgtta caaggaacg acgtgatga ttggtcgag 
      acgctttag ttaatttga tacctacac cagtaacac 
      ccaattaat cacattacc aaaaattaa tcttcatta 
      cacgttgac acagttttt ttcagctcc agggcttta 
      acgaacttt tacatcaaa tttctaaat gtcggccat 
      ttacaaaat taaaaaact ttttcattt aaaactaat 
      aaaacgaaa tttgctacc ttcactttt actagcttg 
      tggccaaaa tatccgcaa ttacgcaaa caatgaagt 
      cgtctttta tcacccatt tgaagagcg gaaaatcga 
      tcggtcaca ccgatgtgc gttctatgt tcgaagtaa 
      agaagtgtt caagaaatg ttgagaaaa agttcatcg 
      ttgttcaaa ctggcggtg atggagaga gctctataa 
      cggaggggc tgagaaccg ccctcgccc gactgcgac 
      agagatcaa ctccccctg gtagccaga cgtccccat 
      tgcaccaac cttctaatt gcatagcct ccgagagct 
      gctcctcag gcagcacga acaacagcc actgccctt 
      ctagcccgc gccctaaaa tgaccgtca attcgcagt 
      cgggcccca gatctcccc gacctcccg acgacctca 
      ttagcactg ccacctctg ccctccgac gccttcact 
      tcaaaaccg gaagaaacg ccaccaaaa actccacca 
      agcagcctg tcccaaagg tgatagtca tgggctcaa 
      gtactgctt ccgaaacca ccatcaata ccagcacag 
      acagctcta ataccatcg taacaacag taacagcaa 
      ctgacgggg acgtgacgg aggacagct tagaccatc 
      ctgaagcgg ttgattatt tcaattcag aaaacgcag 
      atggcaaca aaatcctcc aaccagttc cactatcac 
      ccaaaacac caatcaccg caaaacaac aaacacctc 
      caactgcta aacaggaaa cccgattca atttcgatg 
      ttgaaacac ccaaagctg ttctatcaa aagaagaga 
      acaagttcg tgttcgaat cgcaagaac ccagcaacc 
      ctcaggaga aaactgtcg agaaactga tggaagagc 
      agattgagg ctctgaaaa tggaagccc gtcgcagaa 
      acagctaca aacaagcgg cgcaaaacg actttgaaa 
      aaatgtcag tggacccgc ccgcagaaa agccccacc 
      cgaaggact tcagaagga gctaccgcg cggctcaaa 
      acgacatgg agaagatga tggtggaca agacgagtc 
      cgaaggagc acaggcgaa gtgtgcgga aacggctgg 
      acgtggagg gcaaagaga agcccgaga ggacctccc 
      cgaagcggc gcgccgagc ggaccttga actcctcgc 
      cggagacca acgacgact cccccaagc ccaaacacc 
      ggcacaaaa aggccagca gacgccacc actcgccca 
      acaagccgc gagagaagt tcagctacg acgagaagc 
      acattgcca agtatcggg aaaaggctc ggatgaccc 
      cgcctttgc cagacctcc gcgtagact tcttcaacg 
      aaacggtgg atgcttgcc aagtggatt cgttgcatg 
      tttccggcg aaaagcgcg gcagcgtgt gtctcaaca 
      aatgtttac gagaagtgg gggctcagc tagaagcat 
      ctgccacat cacctataa atgttacta ctaatcctt 
      tggaaaatt cagtacact ttggtggcc gaaaagctc 
      cgcaagcca ctatcgtcg ttcagcagc cgtcactca 
      gcttggatc actcgaatg tctcgacga tcctgctga 
      agaacggaa gtgaattcg tgtcgaacg tagaaagtg 
      tcgggaata agttgagtt tcaagagac agaaggaag 
      aaaacatga agcagctac tggacgtgg ctaacaatt 
      taacgctag aagaaatcc acgattttg agatgaggt 
      acgggagcc ctcaccaca atcgatctc aatctgtaa 
      agactccag gccggtctt ctggtagac cgaattatc 
      tctgtttgc cacagcaaa ggtctcgag tggcgtcga 
      tgcccaaca cgggcgttg aagaggagt attatcgcc 
      tacgacact tctcgatca ctggaaaag gcgtcgtca 
      ataggggcg acagtctga aaagccgca gatctaggt 
      ccaacaatt cggtcgctt ccagcaatt cgagcacag 
      agcagcttc cgggggcgg tgtcgacgg cgggatcgg 
      cacgtacgt ccgcttcct gcagcctgg cgtcctcgc 
      gggagtcgt ccaccagcg cccccggcc ccaccccgt 
      acaaggtcc tgatgctgg ggggcccag ccgtgggca 
      aatcctccc tagtctccc agtttatga cttccgagt 
      acctccacg cttatgaca ctagcatag atgacgaaa 
      gcggggaga aatccgtgt ccgttctgt tggccggcg 
      aggaatccg aacttactt ttatagatt ttgcgacag 
      ctgacttat cgccggaca gttgtataa acaaataca 
      cggatcctc acgcatatt gtgtcgtct attcgagtg 
      ccgaccggt cgagtcttg cgtgtgccg aaaaaatcc 
      tgcagaccc tgtggacgc tggacacca tcagcacaa 
      aagccgtca ttctcgtcg cgaataaag ctgatcttg 
      tcaggtcga aagtcgtct cgactgaag agggaaaat 
      cgatggcaa cagcttacg attgcaagt acatagaga 
      catctgtag gcatcaatc acaacgtag acgaactgc 
      tggtaggaa tcctcactc aaatccggt taaaattgg 
      agaatccgg agagatcaa gggatctgt tccgtaaga 
      ggagctcgt cgaagaaga atttgaata ggaatagat 
      cgccggttt ccgccacgg gaacgccga cgggaagtg 
      ccgccaatt cgccgaaga agtacagag gctctcgca 
      cctctgcga gcttaaaag tccggaatt tgttaggga 
      aagtttggg cgagggaca gcaaatcca aatcttgtg 
      aaaatttgc acgtcttgt aattctctt ttagttgag 
      tccacgtgc tgaaagtac aattccaat tgtgatttt 
      tttcgagat tagttgaga ttagtttta ggtgcacac 
      tttttatac attttttga ccatactta tacctattt 
      ctaagccat tattttata tttatatta gggtaaaat 
      atacttgtt ttctaaaat catacattt cattttaac 
      tgtctctta caacactaa caatttcca aaacatatc 
      gaatctgag ttctgacgc ccgaaacat tttagtggg 
      tccacgcaa gcaaacacc aaaaatagt acggccaaa 
      ctgtgactt aaagtcccg gagtttgga gtaaaagct 
      ttattttag tcgtttgtc cttgtcagt tttttgatt 
      atttccgga attaatcaa attgggtcc atactgtag 
      caagtaatt aggtagata ggtgtaaaa tatttgtag 
      aaagtgtaa actattaaa gtaaaattt ttgaatttg 
      tactttact gagcaaggt gaagcttta aaatgcgag 
      aatttatta gttcgtaat ggcagttca gttttgttt 
      aacacaggg tgttaaatt agatgcaac tgaaagaaa 
      taacgtata cagtctggt ccaaaatat attcttaat 
      tgtgacgag ggtacgggc gaaacatga ctgaagtca 
      gttcatatc aaactatag ccgctataa tatatcact 
      gctacacga cgtggcatt tgctcattt tggaccggc 
      ctgtactta acaatgtaa atagaatat ttttatgga 
      gttggaaat aatgactct aagaaattt aataattat 
      tatgaatgt aaattcagt attagatgt aatttttgt 
      tgcagccca tgtataaaa gtatttttg tctcgacaa 
      attcgatca tgaaattta atgagaaat atgtaaatt 
      tggaataaa ttcgattta tctttgatt gtaaaactt 
      taacccttt gcacactaa atcacaaac aaatttgca 
      tgctaatta taacttgga ttgtttggt atacataca 
      aaaatattt ttgtacatt gatcaaaat tccattgta 
      gatcagaga gctcaatta tttaaaatc aaaataaat 
      cttagaaaa tttgaccaa ttttatttg tgcctttgt 
      atagaggct tggttagag gacaaaagc attcaagga 
      ctgaatttt gaagaaaca aattccata tccctctat 
      atgttgatt aaataacgc attaatata atcagtatt 
      cattattaa atagtatat gcaaaaagt atatattat 
      acgtgtctt ttaaatttt caaacagtg tggtatctt 
      ccattttta aaagtatgt cgtttaaat gtttagcag 
      ctaagatat ctttgtttc tcttttaat aagtgccaa 
      tctctcttt tccgttgtt gtataattt attcggtaa 
      gtgttgatt tagtttagg tgttagcat aatggaatc 
      cattattat aatccctga ttgtaatga tttattcca 
      ttagcttga ttttcatgt tcggacaac cgggtaaaa 
      ttactagaa aatgtagat cacgtttta attttttcg 
      attcaaatt taaattgct ttatttcgt ttccgacat 
      ttcttgtta acaaatttc agaaaaata tttagtgcg 
      ttagggact tagttaaat cgtattgta ttattgtag 
      tcacagtta tagaaagaa acataatgc acaagttgg 
      aattttgaa gtttgtaaa tttataatc cattatttg 
      tatcatgta atgaagttt atatcaata aaatttttg 

    If you use iBeetle-Base, please cite: Dönitz J et al.: Expanded and updated data and a query pipeline for iBeetle-Base,
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Jan 4;46(D1):D831-D835. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx984.

    The data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (CC-BY) CC-BY