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TC001725 Gene

The sequence from the iB fragment is matched against the genes from the official gene set. The matche(s) is/are visualizied in a genome browser.

NC_007416.3: 8549703..8566521
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The information about the homolog genes in Drosophila is provided by OrthoDB The homologs are sorted according to their similarity score. For an orthology statement additional analysis are required.
The data basis for the orthologs is OrthoDB v9 containing OGS3 for Tribolium castaneum and 2015_04 (r6.07) for Drosophila melanogaster.

Closest fly homologs
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    iBeetle screen iB_03239

    Attention! iBeetle is a first pass screen. Hence, the documented phenotypes need to be confirmed by independent experiments using non-overlapping dsRNA fragments! Phenotypes with a penetrance > 50% are frequently reproduced. See Schmitt-Engel et al. 2015 for details on reproducibility.

    iB sequence
    Phenotype after pupal injection
    Usually 10 injected animals

    Pupal injection procedure

    Day 0: 10 female pupae of the pBA19 strain (muscle enhancer trap line) were injected with dsRNA.

    3 days post injection (dpi): Hatch control: Pupal and adult lethality as well as metamorphosis defects (molting, eclosion) were documented. For mating, 4 males of the black strain were added.

    9 dpi: First egg-lay was collected and incubated for cuticle analysis. Adult lethality and egg production (reduced/ no egg-lay) was documented.

    11 dpi: Second egg-lay was collected and incubated for embryonic muscle analysis. Adult lethality and egg production (reduced/ no egg-lay) were documented.

    Note: The adult morphology was not analyzed systematically at 3/9/11 dpi. Only obvious phenotypes, visible without magnification, have been annotated.

    13 dpi: Egg productivity and Ovary analysis
    The percentage of hatched larvae was documented and not hatched larvae/ eggs were embedded for cuticle analysis (15 dpi). In case of a reduction of egg production, 4 injected females were dissected to analyze the gross morphology of the ovaries.

    14 dpi: Analysis of embryonic musculature and early embryonic development
    Offspring of the injected females (hatched and not hatched larvae/ eggs) were analysed for embryonic lethality and muscle defects.

    15 dpi: Analysis of larval instar 1 cuticle
    Offspring of injected females were analysed and cuticle phenotypes were annotated.

    22 dpi: Stink gland analysis
    Documentation of defects in abdominal and thoracic stink glands (colour, size, content) of the injected femals.

    Terms used in the pupal injection procedure

    larval pantagmatic defects
    At least two tagmata (head, thorax, abdomen or terminus) show similar/ comparable defects.
    empty eggs
    Just empty shells are visible, no cuticle has been developed.
    strong defects
    L1 cuticle larvae which show severe defects. These strong defects are subdivided into three categories
    strongly fragmented (cuticle crumbs)
    No segments or appendages are identifiable, only residues of cuticle and bristles can be identified.
    cuticle remnants (with unidentifiable segments)
    Segments or parts of appendages are recognizable, but identity is not clear.
    cuticle remnants (with some identifiable segments)
    At least one segment or appendage is clearly regonizable.
    number of eggs on slide
    affected embryos usually (not always) do not hatch. Only the not hatched were used for cuticle analysis.
    For the embryonic muscle analysis the hatched as well as the not hatched were analysed.
    total number of affected eggs/embryos/larvae
    Summary of all different phenotypes/ phenotypic series which were annotated.
    The L1 larva shows a partial or complete inversion., e.g. bristles, appendages or parts of the abdominal segments are inverted into the interior of the cuticle.
    Dissected females show a strong resorption of fatbody predominately in the abdomen and the oogenesis is blocked. These are considered as eventually lethal phenotypes and the blocked oogenesis probably a secondary defect due to starvation.
    eclosion not fulfilled
    The emergence of the adult from the pupa stage is interrupted. This phenotype shows pupal as well as adult features.
    Please see the help page for more information
    Metamorphosis and survival

    Lethality 11 days after pupal injection: 20.0% (includes death as pupa, adult)

    adult lethality - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 2 (9 dpi)
    Days post injection

    vitellogenic egg chamber late potentiallydegenerated - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 3

    egg chamber potentially fused - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 3

    egg chamber irregular - Number of animals showing the phenotype: 3

    Phenotype after larval injection
    Usually 10 injected animals

    Larval injection procedure

    Day 0: 10 female L5-6 larvae of the D17Xhom strain (females express RFP in the eyes and in the CNS; pupae express GFP in the thorax) were injected with dsRNA.

    11 days post injection (dpi): Pupal morphology Documentation of larval/ pupal death and defects of metamorphosis (eclosion, delayed development). Screening for alterations of pupal head and appendages, pupal thorax, pupal thoracic musculature, pupal legs, pupal wings, pupal abdomen and pupal genital lobes.

    16 dpi: Adult morphology Documentation of larval/ pupal and adult death and defects of metamorphosis (eclosion, delayed development). Screening for alterations of adult head and appendages, adult thorax, adult elytra and hindwings, adult legs and cuticle properties. For mating 4 males of the black strain were added.

    19 dpi: Sieving and egg-lay Documentation of adult lethality and enduring metamorphosis defects.

    22 dpi: Ovary analysis (Fertility) In case of a reduction of egg production 4 females were dissected and the gross morphology of the ovaries were analysed.

    41 dpi: Fertility and stink gland analysis Documentation of defects in abdominal and thoracic stink glands development (colour, size, content) of the injected females. Check for fertility of injected larvae (no or decreased offspring).

    Terms used in the larval injection procedure

    pupal/ adult pantagmatic defects
    At least two tagmata (head, thorax, abdomen or terminus) show similar/ comparable defects.
    pupal molt not fulfilled
    The hatching from the larva to the pupa is interrupted. Either it dies as prepupa or the phenotype shows larval as well as pupal features.
    eclosion not fulfilled
    The emergence of the adult from the pupa stage is interrupted. This phenotype shows pupal as well as adult features.
    Dissected females show a strong resorption of fatbody predominately in the abdomen and the oogenesis is blocked. These are considered as eventually lethal phenotypes and the blocked oogenesis probably a secondary defect due to starvation.
    Metamorphosis and survival

    Lethalities 11 days after larval injection: % (includes death as larva, prepupa, pupa)
    Lethalities 22 days after larval injection: % (includes death as larva, prepupa, pupa, adult)

    RNAi sequence
    Left: Right:
    Protein sequence
    • >TC001725 RA
    CDS sequence
    • >TC001725 RA
      atggagtgg actcctcaa caggaagga ctaagggaa 
      attttaacc ttactcaag gagtcacaa tcaccagac 
      acagcaact caaaggact gttcagcaa aaactggag 
      gagttgaac aagtacccc gacttcaat aattattta 
      atgtttgtt ttgacgaaa ttaacctca gaagatgaa 
      ccaacccgg tcgctgagt ggtttaata ttgaaaaat 
      aacgtcaaa acacattac aacagcctc caaccaagt 
      gtgacaaat ttcgtcaaa aatgaatgt ttacaagct 
      gtgggtgac ccatccccc ttaatccgg gccactgtt 
      ggtatttta ataacaaca atcgcgagc aaaggcgat 
      ttatcgtca tggcctgaa ctattacca gctttatgc 
      acaatgttg gactcacaa gactacaat gtttgtgaa 
      ggggcattt ggggctttg cagaaaatt tgcgaagac 
      tctgctgag gcgttggac gctgacacg acaaacaat 
      cctcttgag attttaata ccgaagttt ttgcaattt 
      ttcaaccac tcgagtccc aaaattcgg tcgtatgcc 
      atcggatgt gtcaaccag tttatcacg catcgagct 
      aaggctctt atgtcacac attgattca tttttaacg 
      aatttgttc cacgttgca actgatgat gatccagaa 
      gttcggaag aacgtttgc agggcattg gttatgctg 
      ctagaagtg cgtctggat cggctcata cctcaaatt 
      gaaaatata attgaatac atgttggtc agaacacaa 
      gatgctgac gagggcgtt gcattagaa gcttgtgaa 
      ttttggcta tctttggcc gaacaacct gtctgtaga 
      aacgtcctt ggaccctac ctcagtaga ctgattcct 
      gttttagtt agaagcatg aagtattca gagattgac 
      attattttg ctcaaaggt gacgtggag gaggacgag 
      acagttcct gatcgtgac gaggacatc cgtcctcgt 
      ttccacaaa tcaaaaacc acaattaaa gcaacctca 
      gcaacacag aatggcaca aattctgaa aatggtagt 
      gtagaaacc gacgaagat tttgacgac ggagacgac 
      ggtgatgac ggttctttg tccgattgg aatctgcga 
      aaatgcagt gctgcagct ttggacgtg ttggcaaac 
      gttttccgg gaagattta ttaccaatc cttacgcct 
      atcttaaaa gagacgctt ttccaccag gactggaac 
      atcaaagaa tctggaatt ttggcttta ggtgcgata 
      gcagagggc tgtatgtcc ggaatggtg aattatctt 
      cctgaattg attccgtat ctattcagt tgtttaaat 
      gacaaaaaa gccctagtt cgagcgata acgtgttgg 
      acacttagt agatattcg cattgggtt gtcgctcaa 
      ccgcacgat ttatatttg aagcctctt atgactgaa 
      ttacttaaa aaaattctt gacggtaat aaacgcgtt 
      caagaagcg gcttgttca gcgtttgcg acattggaa 
      gaagaagct tgcaccgaa ctcgtgcca tatttaggt 
      tttatatta gaaacttta gtattcgcc ttttctaag 
      taccagcac aagaatttg ttaattttg tacgacgct 
      attggaaca ttggctgat tcagtggga caccattta 
      aacaaaccg gattatatt agcatgctt atgccacct 
      ttgatccag aaatggaat atcctcaaa gatgaggac 
      aaggatctc tttccttta ttggagtgt ttatcaagt 
      attgcaact gctcttcaa tccggattt ttgccctac 
      tgtgaacca gtctattgc agatgtgtt tccttagtc 
      caacacaca ctttatttg cagatggca aatatgcaa 
      aatcctgac cagtttgat gcgcctgat aaggatttt 
      atgattgta gctttagat ctgttgtca ggattagct 
      gaaggctta gatggacat atagaaaaa ctagtgcaa 
      aatagtaat atcatggac ttgcttcat cactgtatg 
      caggattca atgcctgaa gttagacag tcatctttt 
      gcattgctt ggtgatctg actaaagct tgttttcaa 
      catgttcgc cctcgtata ccagatttt ttgccaata 
      ctcgggcag aatttaaat cccgaatat atttcagtc 
      tgcaataat gccacttgg gccattgga gaaattagt 
      attaaattc ggtgccgat acacgacct tatatacct 
      ttagtttta aaccaactt attgaaatt ataaacagg 
      ccaaatact cccaaaaca ttatcagaa aatactgcc 
      ataacaatt ggtcgacta ggttttgtc tgcccccat 
      gatgtcgcg cccatgtta caacagttt gtacgacag 
      tggtgcata tcattgcga aatatcagg gataatgaa 
      gagaaagat aatgctttc cgtggcatg tgtcacatg 
      atacagtta aatccggga ggagttgtg aacgatttc 
      attttcttc tgtgatgct gtagcatcg tggatcaca 
      ccaaaggat gatttgaag gaagctttt attaagatt 
      cttcacagt tttaaatcg caagtagga ccagaaaat 
      tggcgccga tttagcgat caatttcca ccacaactt 
      aacgaaaga ctttcacaa ctttatgga atatga
    mRNA sequence
    • >TC001725 RA
      ctctagtag tgaaatatt tgtgctgaa gttcgatgt 
      cggcctcgg cctcatctt ttgtgattt tataataaa 
      acgtgtact ttggaagca ttttattat agaattgtt 
      gtttaaatt aaacacgac atgaaaatg gagtggact 
      cctcaacag gaaggacta agggaaatt ttaacctta 
      ctcaaggag tcacaatca ccagacaca gcaactcaa 
      aggactgtt cagcaaaaa ctggaggag ttgaacaag 
      taccccgac ttcaataat tatttaatg tttgttttg 
      acgaaatta acctcagaa gatgaacca acccggtcg 
      ctgagtggt ttaatattg aaaaataac gtcaaaaca 
      cattacaac agcctccaa ccaagtgtg acaaatttc 
      gtcaaaaat gaatgttta caagctgtg ggtgaccca 
      tccccctta atccgggcc actgttggt attttaata 
      acaacaatc gcgagcaaa ggcgattta tcgtcatgg 
      cctgaacta ttaccagct ttatgcaca atgttggac 
      tcacaagac tacaatgtt tgtgaaggg gcatttggg 
      gctttgcag aaaatttgc gaagactct gctgaggcg 
      ttggacgct gacacgaca aacaatcct cttgagatt 
      ttaataccg aagtttttg caatttttc aaccactcg 
      agtcccaaa attcggtcg tatgccatc ggatgtgtc 
      aaccagttt atcacgcat cgagctaag gctcttatg 
      tcacacatt gattcattt ttaacgaat ttgttccac 
      gttgcaact gatgatgat ccagaagtt cggaagaac 
      gtttgcagg gcattggtt atgctgcta gaagtgcgt 
      ctggatcgg ctcatacct caaattgaa aatataatt 
      gaatacatg ttggtcaga acacaagat gctgacgag 
      ggcgttgca ttagaagct tgtgaattt tggctatct 
      ttggccgaa caacctgtc tgtagaaac gtccttgga 
      ccctacctc agtagactg attcctgtt ttagttaga 
      agcatgaag tattcagag attgacatt attttgctc 
      aaaggtgac gtggaggag gacgagaca gttcctgat 
      cgtgacgag gacatccgt cctcgtttc cacaaatca 
      aaaaccaca attaaagca acctcagca acacagaat 
      ggcacaaat tctgaaaat ggtagtgta gaaaccgac 
      gaagatttt gacgacgga gacgacggt gatgacggt 
      tctttgtcc gattggaat ctgcgaaaa tgcagtgct 
      gcagctttg gacgtgttg gcaaacgtt ttccgggaa 
      gatttatta ccaatcctt acgcctatc ttaaaagag 
      acgcttttc caccaggac tggaacatc aaagaatct 
      ggaattttg gctttaggt gcgatagca gagggctgt 
      atgtccgga atggtgaat tatcttcct gaattgatt 
      ccgtatcta ttcagttgt ttaaatgac aaaaaagcc 
      ctagttcga gcgataacg tgttggaca cttagtaga 
      tattcgcat tgggttgtc gctcaaccg cacgattta 
      tatttgaag cctcttatg actgaatta cttaaaaaa 
      attcttgac ggtaataaa cgcgttcaa gaagcggct 
      tgttcagcg tttgcgaca ttggaagaa gaagcttgc 
      accgaactc gtgccatat ttaggtttt atattagaa 
      actttagta ttcgccttt tctaagtac cagcacaag 
      aatttgtta attttgtac gacgctatt ggaacattg 
      gctgattca gtgggacac catttaaac aaaccggat 
      tatattagc atgcttatg ccacctttg atccagaaa 
      tggaatatc ctcaaagat gaggacaag gatctcttt 
      cctttattg gagtgttta tcaagtatt gcaactgct 
      cttcaatcc ggatttttg ccctactgt gaaccagtc 
      tattgcaga tgtgtttcc ttagtccaa cacacactt 
      tatttgcag atggcaaat atgcaaaat cctgaccag 
      tttgatgcg cctgataag gattttatg attgtagct 
      ttagatctg ttgtcagga ttagctgaa ggcttagat 
      ggacatata gaaaaacta gtgcaaaat agtaatatc 
      atggacttg cttcatcac tgtatgcag gattcaatg 
      cctgaagtt agacagtca tcttttgca ttgcttggt 
      gatctgact aaagcttgt tttcaacat gttcgccct 
      cgtatacca gattttttg ccaatactc gggcagaat 
      ttaaatccc gaatatatt tcagtctgc aataatgcc 
      acttgggcc attggagaa attagtatt aaattcggt 
      gccgataca cgaccttat ataccttta gttttaaac 
      caacttatt gaaattata aacaggcca aatactccc 
      aaaacatta tcagaaaat actgccata acaattggt 
      cgactaggt tttgtctgc ccccatgat gtcgcgccc 
      atgttacaa cagtttgta cgacagtgg tgcatatca 
      ttgcgaaat atcagggat aatgaagag aaagataat 
      gctttccgt ggcatgtgt cacatgata cagttaaat 
      ccgggagga gttgtgaac gatttcatt ttcttctgt 
      gatgctgta gcatcgtgg atcacacca aaggatgat 
      ttgaaggaa gcttttatt aagattctt cacagtttt 
      aaatcgcaa gtaggacca gaaaattgg cgccgattt 
      agcgatcaa tttccacca caacttaac gaaagactt 
      tcacaactt tatggaata tgaagtgtc acaggttag 
      ttttgtcat tgtttaact tatcttctt cctaatcgt 
      atttatttt ttagggtaa aaggggcta tagacaaac 
      tgtagaatc ggggtgggg caacttgga taactcgcg 
      ataactcag ccaggtttt accaggatc aagagggtg 
      ggttcttta gaaacgtta cttaaatat caacaagga 
      gaacctata ctcgcaagt tgttatttg ttaactatc 
      acctaattt aagaagtat tgatttgtt ttcgttttt 
      tacatggta acaaaagac tgagtatag gtttaacta 
      attcaaatt attaatgtt aaaaaattg ggattttca 
      atgaaaaca agtgcttaa gtgtgtagt gtttaactg 
      ttataagtc taagtaatt ctacagtgc acttattta 
      attaagcat cagtttaat tgttagata attcaagtt 
      aaaagttat acacttaag ttggataaa attagacaa 
      agtagttat gcatgtggt ttggtattt taggttgta 
      tttgttaac aaaatgtgt gagtgctta aataactag 
      tttcgcctt caattttgg aggggaatt aaaatcggt 
      atttgtaac cttgatcct tagaggact tctggctcc 
      taaaaccta gtccttccc tgctcctaa tccactgtg 
      atttgaccg cgtgtgaat gagttttgt aatatataa 
      agtgatgtg ataataagt tagtgaacc tgaaatcct 
      taaagttta tttgtgata ctttttaga tataactat 
      attaagact cgcaagtat tagtcgatg gattttttt 
      tatagatgt tgatcaggt ttgtacagt acttgccaa 
      aaatattgg tatcaaatt tgatttaac gacggtaag 
      tgagatctt tcaaccttt tgtgttttt tttttgtag 
      atgcaatat ttactcatc gttgttttg ttctaagta 
      tgtgtgaat gagttgtcc ttttggcta cagaagtct 
      tcgttcctt caacactcc gtgatccat tccttttgt 
      attcctttc tcatttaag ttagattta tttaggtgt 
      gaatatttg tttagccac cacttagcg caaaggcat 
      atgttttct gttcatttt tttttagtt ttgtatttc 
      atgcacagg ctaaatggg tatttatcc tcgttttca 
      gttaacaaa tgtgattgg tgtaaaatg ttaataatt 
      gaaattgtc actttaata aagaatata tttcaattc 
      tttgcagtg atctctgtc ataacttca tcgaaaaaa 
      acaattcaa acttatgtt ctttgttaa agttttcac 
      aacaattat tttctgtaa gtacatgtg aaatgtatt 
      attttttat aagttaata ttgtttctg aacaaataa 
      tttcaatta aaagttcac caaagttac actcgtttt 
      attccctgt gtctaataa ctaagtaca aataaattg 
      aattgacaa tt

    If you use iBeetle-Base, please cite: Dönitz J et al.: Expanded and updated data and a query pipeline for iBeetle-Base,
    Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Jan 4;46(D1):D831-D835. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx984.

    The data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (CC-BY) CC-BY